Authenticity features of the Dutch identity cards for aliens

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Inlegvellen en stickers

A sticker may be affixed in a passport (or another document). This sticker - or "endorsement" is proof of a lawful (temporary) residence in the Netherlands. All stickers have the same basic design; different black texts indicate the type of document. There were 6 types of stickers in circulation in 2004:

  • general endorsements on residence,
  • endorsements on continuation procedures regarding residence,
  • endorsements on residence for Community citizens,
  • visa for return to the Netherlands,
  • allowing passing subject to conditions

The endorsement for the purpose of border crossing is affixed by the IND by officers who are responsible for border control and the monitoring of aliens.

In cases where the document in question can or may not hold a sticker, a special insert is designed and the sticker with endorsement can be affixed on this insert.