Authenticity features of the Dutch identity cards for aliens

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For the past ten years, more has changed in the Dutch documents for aliens than in the whole of the fifty years before that.

Documents for aliens used to be cardboard cards, in a few colors. Nowadays the documents are made of plastic and state-of-the-art personalization techniques are involved. This makes it less easy to counterfeit or forge. Authenticity features that are difficult to reproduce also form a very difficult hurdle to take for counterfeiters.

In addition, biometrics will be used on an increasingly large scale. The W-document for asylum seekers has been fitted with a chip as early as 1992. The asylum seeker has to report once a week to an electronic report column. This column compares the thumbprint to the thumbprint in the chip of his document. Do they match, then the report is processed electronically, without intervention from any third party.

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